Sunday, June 19, 2011

MMU Orienntation week~♥

29th of May was MMU JUNE INTAKE registration.
Well,Im wake up in d early morning
7 30am my dad n mum drived me to d campus
Once I arrived there,there was so crowded,many parents accompany their children to register
Im very blur at tat moment,I dunno wat to do,wrong Q at d other counter,n waste my time there around 1 hour just have to pay d register fees..

Im feel strange when I look around,because I dun have any fren there.
Summore I am a shy n timid gurl..bad is it?

After summit d fees,we gonna to checked in to our hostel..
I cant believe I live at d top side,becoz I reached thr quite early..issh
I live at d 5th flooth..
I met my roomates kah yee n wan yee..
they r very nice gurl~feel glad to share room with them
D hostel was too hot,I really cant survive in tis environment

Afterward,my first day orientation start at 1 45pm
ORIENTATION I just can describe it was so unforgetable to me..
At first,I dont feel it happy to join d orientation,,WAt a childish game we played I think at d first day
I found tat It was very awesome at d third day orientation,becoz we haved start d sports activity
most unforgatable activity was we smudge by d mud..our clothes was so dirty,but I very happy because had fun^^

D fourth day,there was a crazy nite-FRESHIE Night
There had bout 14 group among d freshies
Each group performed during d cultural nite as we so call as freshie nite~
Seriously,I do enjoy d nite
We rock thoughtout d nite,we ROCKS especially DM n OC..
I do very lovee them..