Sunday, January 2, 2011

k season with my sista

yeap..three of us have nothing to do in the early bird..Out of sudden I suggest how bout go for d sing k season since three of us have not been sing k together...My both younger sista have blame me for several time not being sing K wif them ever in  Once time..WELL,now is d time for  us to ROCK OUT ...hehe XD..After we have decide d place we want to go for...Immediate,i have made call to GREENBOX to do booking..
Sincere..IM first time made call to GREENBOX..because most of d time,my frienz will done it for us..It sounds like im soooo dependent..yup..Im ..wat to do..tis is me LOL...We r late to arrive there due to massive jams around MINES there...Anyway..its okay, its does not brings a bigg matter to us...hahaha..First of all..i was definetely cannot endure with  my Eldest sis voice..Her voice too resounding+sharp...Honestly.I cant sing well when we sing reaaly made me going to crazy...Secondly,her voice definetely cover my voice...isshh...
Bout one o'clock my little cousin bro join us...U guys never expected how trendy d children now..He absolutely crazy to Jolin song...OMG...He do reaally can sing well ..not bad..a big big clap for him..hehehe..
Indeed...we have fun too..We definetely crazy to sista can even stand on d chair to sing..I really feel WEIRD..><..Hmm..TAT ALL for my post..its late now..IM going to bed..nitezz..

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